We’ll Work for Change!

Force the Issue NJ was founded in July of 2016 by former volunteers for the Bernie Sanders campaign in and around Hudson County, NJ.  Our organization is open to all who believe that participatory democracy cannot be limited to the choices we make in the voting booth or the noises we make at a protest rally, but must also encompass a holistic view of social activism based on volunteer service, where we put our progressive ideals to work to improve our communities, our nation and our world.

Building the Movement

Our goal is to serve to strengthen and sustain an independent, unified and credible progressive movement throughout New Jersey.   We believe that such a movement can only be successful if it is broadly-based and draws its strength from each constituency and community.  We believe that an organized and independent progressive movement can play an effective role in the Garden State by amplifying the power of movements and campaigns and supporting and forming coalitions with other worthy organizations.

Putting Our Values to Work

Our main project is the creation of an Interactive Community Calendar to help volunteers and activists put their progressive values to work in their own communities with worthy organizations – and to help those same organizations publicize their efforts, recruit volunteers and gather support from the progressive community.  We will sponsor “Volunteer Surge” events by collaborating with selected organizations to promote volunteer mobilizations for critical causes and special projects.

Media, Education & Advocacy

We will work to create opportunities to educate the public on critical issues through community forums, lectures, documentary film screenings and by creating media for publication.  We will sponsor voter registration drives to broaden the electorate, and organize petitioning and letter-writing campaigns to hold elected officials accountable.

 Our Progressive Values

Force the Issue NJ practices a broad-based and pragmatic progressivism – privileging action above ideology.  We value social, economic and racial justice and equality, civic engagement and good government, personal liberty, and the protection and preservation of our natural resources.  As progressives, we believe that the advocacy of appropriate government policies goes hand-in-hand with direct participation in our communities to address the issues we care about.   We gravitate towards strategic and direct initiatives to resolve these issues rather than simply engaging in expressive protest without a plan to engage the community and work towards real and sustainable change.